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Title:Little Charley Bear | Scarecrow Charley | Full Episode | Kids Cartoon | Videos For Kids
Published:22 September 2018
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Little Charley Bear | Cartoons For Kids | Charley Bear Full Episodes
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Charley is a teddy bear who uses his imagination to go on adventures and discover new things about himself and the world around him, all under the watchful eye of the Narrator...
Let Little Charley Bear take you on a journey into the world of 'let's pretend', where anything is possible.

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Little Charley Bear is an enchanting CGI infant series about an imaginative and playful bear. Under the watchful eye of his friend, the Narrator, this adorable little bear uses his imagination to play and go on adventures where he discovers new things about himself and the world around him through active role play. Aimed at young children aged up to four years, Little Charley Bear is a gently paced show that inspires creativity, discovery and imagination. It has the feel of a classic children's television show but with advanced modern animation. Although Little Charley Bear doesn't talk, he can clearly convey what he is thinking and feeling. The Narrator provides Little Charley Bear with helpful advice and guidance throughout the show. He is his mentor and trusted carer figure, however it is Little Charley Bear and his imagination that drives the story.


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